Companies we represent

American Sheer Knife (ASKO, Inc)
All types of metal cutting knives, crop knives, side trimmer knives, slitter knives, and metal saws.

ASKO, Inc, Rock Hill Division
All types of knife grinding and reconditioning.

American Industrial Felt and Supply
Felt and carpet for all industrial applications.

BRC International Ltd.
Cast iron and cast steel rolls for the steel industry.

Chicago Slitter
Premium quality engineered slitters along with rebuilds, reconditioning, and service

Columbiana Foundry Co
Gray iron alloy from ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and tool steel castings to 16,000 pounds.

Drafto Corporation
Material handling equipment for heavy industry, hook blocks, crane hooks, C-hooks, & tongs

Fabricated Alloy Products, Inc.
Radiant Tubes for furnaces, all types of stainless fabrications.

Heinemann Saw Company
Carbide saw blades for cutting steel, aluminum, wood and plastic.

Hi-Hard Corporation
Carburized and hardened rolls for all types of applications.

Irondale Custom Machine
High quality, custom machining and fabrication.

McKees Rocks Forgings
Crane wheels, deep hardened and rim toughned, sheave wheels and forged blanks for gears,etc.

Mull Group, Inc.
Large machining and fabrication to 50-ton capacity. Specializing in steel mill equipment, new mandrels and mandrel repair.

Nail City Bronze
We offer a full in house pattern and casting shop with capabilities up to 1 ton any alloy of brass and bronze. Founded in 1877 we fully modernized our facility with CNC equipment to offer the highest quality in machining.

PRO-MIC Corporation
Electronic roll measurement systems.

Quality Roll
Forged steel, new, remade, and rehardened rolls for the steel and aluminum ind.

Renold, Inc
Flexible gear type couplings, gearboxes, and universal joint couplings.

Rubber Technology
New & recovered rubber rolls.

Sarclad Ltd
Advanced surface and subsurface inspection systems for rolling mill rolls with Rollscan.

SinterMet, LLC
Tungsten carbide knives and rolls for metal, paper, plastic and the textile industry.