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Specializes in slitter knives, shear knives, crop knives, side trimmers, chock and housing liners, scrap choppers, and knives for the metal recycling industry. We also offer a full reconditioning service via our plants in Rock Hill, SC and Chicago, IL. ASKO is a leader in both the steel industry and aluminum industry with a variety of grades to meet any application that you might need. We have an on staff metallurgist to help in choosing the right grade for your application that will give you the longest life and most productivity. Onsite training is offered to help with slitting and side trimming application. Our variety of manufacturing plants in the USA, Europe, and Mexico follow strict quality policies so that we ensure the highest quality along with quick delivery. For a full view of our products please just follow this link

British Rolls of China

BRC specializes in bar mill rolls for roughing (iron and steel), intermediate, and finishing stands. We also offer rolls for pipe mills and have been a leading supplier globally.

BRC is fully committed to being your rollmaker for the 21st Century.

We will provide in depth and comprehensive technical services to foster close customer partnership in order to supply the best quality rolls to meet individual mill applications.

We will continually develop and research roll quality to enhance mill and roll shop productivity by increasing campaign life, decreasing down time and reducing roll stocks.

We will invest in capital equipment to always be at the leading edge of roll technology at the same time achieving high productivity to provide our customers with the most competitive pricing policy. For a detailed list of the rolls we produce please follow this link

American Industrial Felt

In any industrial setting, cost-effective maintenance procedures are a never-ending necessity. Our broad range of products including industrial felts, carpet absorbents, abrasives and specialty absorbents - makes one-stop shopping possible for purchasers in many different industries. We specialize in felt and carpet for the slitting industry and our cost effectiveness has been helping customers for many years. For a detailed list of our products please follow this link

Chicago Slitter

For more than 30 years Chicago Slitter has been a leading designer and builder of high performance heavy duty coil slitting lines, blanking lines, cut-to-length lines and slit coil packaging lines. With more than 1200 successful installations worldwide, the hallmark of success for Chicago Slitter is its ability to continually upgrade field-proven designs and then execute better than any other equipment builder in the industry. The company’s ongoing commitment is to provide innovative long-term solutions that allow coil processors to meet end user needs by consistently producing high-quality product.
For a detailed list of out products please follow this link

Columbiana Foundry

Our reputation as a leader in the industry is well-known. For over 50 years, the Columbiana Foundry has been regarded as a reliable, stable company who will be there when you need us -- tomorrow, next week, or next year. Our employees are dedicated to the concept of total customer service, and in all our years of operation we have never experienced a labor-induced work stoppage. Whatever your particular casting needs -- from prototype to low or medium quantity production runs, the Columbiana Foundry, located in America's Heartland, is ready to serve you. You can rely on the Columbiana Foundry for the best commercial castings available. We've been doing it right for a very long time. For a detailed list of our services please follow this link


Drafto has been in business supplying overhead material handling equipment for the steel industry since 1943. For over 50 years we have been known to the steel industry as providers of the highest quality, most rugged and dependable equipment, while keeping pricing very competitive. We offer various designs and pricing based on the required crane service, i.e. CMAA Class D, E, or F and also AISE heavy steel mill duty designs, including coil grabs, and coil grabs with weighing. For a detailed link of out products please follow this link

Heinemann Saw Company

Is a fully integrated manufacturer of circular saw blades and knives used for cutting steel and non-ferrous metals, wood, paper, plastics, rubber, food and agricultural products. We begin with carefully selected sheet steel, then perform all necessary machining, heat treating, saw smithing, surface grinding and sharpening operations. Heinemann produces the highest quality carbide tipped & solid steel saw blades, circular knives, friction and hot saws, high-speed steel cold saws and segmental blades available on the market today. Whether you need a standard blade or one that is custom manufactured for your application, Heinemann has the right blade for you. For a detailed list of our services please follow this link


Hi-Hard Corporation has been supplying the steel industry with quality roll products for over 40 years. Our commitment to quality, innovative designs, and manufacturing techniques, enable us to provide new and replacement rolls that meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Let our experienced staff help you increase quality, improve roll life, and reduce maintenance costs, by supplying you with a quality product that meets your budget and delivery requirements. For a detailed of our products please follow this link

Nail City Bronze

We offer a full in house pattern and casting shop with capabilities up to 1 ton any alloy of brass and bronze. Founded in 1877 we fully modernized our facility with CNC equipment to offer the highest quality in machining. For a detailed list of out products please follow this link

McKees Rocks Forgings

McKees Rocks Forgings produces a wide range of high quality forged circular products for use in the industrial market including crane wheels, crane trolley wheels, industrial wheels, sheave wheels, gear blanks, forged steel wheels, forged rollers, and various other circular forgings. For a more detailed list of out products please follow this link

Mull Group

Mull Group is recognized as a leader in engineering, manufacturing and repairing equipment for the metals industry worldwide. We specialize in mandrels, either new or rebuilt. We also offer a full fabrication facility with a 50 ton capacity. Mull is global customer with customers all over the world. For a detailed list of our products please follow this link customers

Quality Rolls/Superior Forge

We offer a full line of forged work rolls and backup rolls. We are one of only a few on roll manufacturers left in the US. We have production facilities are located in Lima, OH and Pittsburgh, PA. Our primary product is forged hardened steel rolls for hot and cold rolling of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Work and backup rolls can be furnished up to 65 inches in diameter with finish weights in excess of 154,000 pounds. Other products and services available include commercial ingots, specialty forging, heat treatment, and machining. For a detailed list of our products please follow this link


Renold  is an international engineering group, producing a wide range of precision engineering products, and owning manufacturing operations in nineteen countries.
The Group's principal products include transmission and conveyor chains, gearboxes, couplings, clutches, as well as mill spindles. For a full detailed list of our products please follow the following link.

Rubber Technology

Rubber Tech is located in Piney Flats, TN and offers service for rubber and polyurethane coated rolls. We can rework and recover your worn out rolls and send them back to you just like they were new again.


Sarclad Limited has been supplying equipment to the steel and non-ferrous industries for 30 years. Sarclad manufacturers roll texturing equipment, non-destructive roll inspection equipment and continuous caster strand monitoring equipment. Sarclad is based in the UK and has developed three market leading products through an understanding of the industry, investment in research and development and providing good, reliable customer support. Sarclad Limited is a global company with representatives all round the world.
For a detailed list of our products please follow this link


Located in Kittanning, PA (USA), SinterMet is the industry's leading manufacturer of bar and rod mill rolls. We design and produce rolls for applications where tungsten carbide is the best fit. Since our choice of grades is the broadest in the industry, our success rate is high. No matter how unique the application, we ensure that the right grade is used. And we're proud of that. For a detailed list of our products please follow this link